Life Cycle of a Frog

Yesterday, we started to learn about the Life Cycle of a Frog. We have made our own life cycles and written about them, and we are very lucky to have some of our own tadpoles in our classroom. Some of them are still eggs but some of them have hatched into baby tadpoles. We will keep an eye on them!


Reception and Year 1 PE

Today Reception and Year 1 were practicing the rolling and bouncing skill in their lesson, here is some pictures from today’s lesson.

Year 1 Science Experiment

Today we made a lava lamp in our science lesson using water, oil and food colouring and when we added Alka-Seltzer tablets it made the water bubble like a lava lamp.

Year 1 are rather jammy!

As part of Year 1’s Literacy work they have been reading Mr. Gumpy’s Outing and Mr. Gumpy’s Motorcar.

Their Literacy work has seen them retell the story, establish rules, write invitations and create instructions for making jam sandwiches. The children had great fun making their sandwiches and eating them too as you can see from our photographs.